LSPs: Getting Prepared for the 2017 Peak Holiday Season

Although the peak holiday season is still months away, shippers and logistics service providers should heed the lessons of past missteps in order to ensure that the upcoming season is a happy one for their customers. It’s this very time period – the day after Thanksgiving to December 23 – that many retailers earn the […]

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An Inside Look at Declared Value Vs. Cargo Insurance

Shippers often mistake declared value coverage with Cargo insurance, but in fact they are quite different. It is important to understand these differences and how claims are paid under each type of policy. Following is a brief overview of how these policies work. The practice of declaring a value for carriage occurs when a shipper […]

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What Do the New Carrier Alliances Mean for the Shipping Industry?

  Beginning April 1, 2017, liner-wide consolidation has entered its third generation with three new alliances: the Ocean Alliance, THE Alliance, and 2M Alliance. The first vessel-sharing consolidation of ocean carrier vessels took place back in the 1980s and 1990s and then again in 2011. The goal of these alliances is for carriers to pool […]

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The Changing Face of the Logistics Industry Brings Opportunity and Risks

    There are several disruptive areas set to impact the future of the logistics industry, according to a report released by consulting company PwC called Shifting Patterns: The Future of the Logistics Industry. Evolving customer expectations, technology breakthroughs, new entrants into the industry, and new ways to compete and collaborate are reshaping the industry. […]

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Hanjin Tells Bankruptcy Courts US Liabilities Far Outweigh US Assets

Hanjin Shipping’s US liabilities far exceed its US assets of more than $124 million, the company told a New Jersey bankruptcy court Tuesday amid close scrutiny from a host of US creditors hoping to get paid – including one claiming to be owed $22 million. The troubled container line filed the financial disclosure a day […]

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Airfreight Forwarders Flying Past Challenges to Move Cargo

In the face of sluggish consumer demand, fewer airline routes, changing inventory strategies and other issues, shippers are increasingly looking to test out ocean transport in lieu of air carriers despite the fact it takes longer to deliver goods. Yet airfreight forwarders are stepping up to the challenge, working hard to manage these headwinds and […]

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