Errors and Omissions

Follow These Tips to Avoid E&O Claims and Protect Your Bottom Line

Most everyone involved in the logistics industry has or will have a claim story to tell. For example, your new hire did everything right on that shipment of auto parts headed to the Greenville BMW plant, except he directed them to Greenville, NC instead of Greenville, SC. That’s delay. That’s a claim. Or maybe you […]

Errors and Omissions

Understanding How the “Additional Insured Clause” Works

An Additional Insured Clause is attached to a third-party liability policy in order to extend coverage provided under an insured’s policy to the party named within the clause. A third party, such as a client, vendor, or partner, typically will request additional insured status relating to services performed by the policyholder or as a condition […]

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How Strong is Your Risk Management Toolbox?

Logistics service providers and transportation intermediaries in order to run well-oiled operations should possess the risk management tools needed to help minimize losses and transfer risk. There are a number of components required in having a strong risk management toolbox that will go the distance for optimum success.   These risk management toolbox components include […]

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The Importance of Having the Right Policy Limits and Coverage

Purchasing the right policies to protect your business, whether you are a transportation company or logistics service provider, is critical in ensuring that your exposures are adequately addressed in the event of a loss. There is a great deal that goes into securing the right insurance, including having proper property and liability limits for each […]

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The Benefits of a Robust Cargo Insurance Management App for Logistics Service Providers

Offering your clients Cargo insurance to protect their goods against physical damage or loss while in transit is a valuable add-on service that helps you solidify your relationships. Having an on-line insurance application to automate the process of administrating your Cargo policy provides you with a number of key benefits, particularly with a system specifically […]

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When Mistakes Happen, Know You’re Covered: E&O Insurance for Customs Brokers

  A customs broker’s daily operations involve attention to detail, extensive documentation and keeping abreast of constantly changing rules so that your business remains in compliance. Yet unintentional mistakes and inadvertent errors can and do happen, particularly in a business environment where requests from clients are for “yesterday”. The opportunity for errors is further heightened […]

Errors and Omissions, Industry Insights

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